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KingCube (2010)

Here’s our submission to the 2010 Gamma IV “one-button-game” contest. It didn’t make it to the finals (there were over 150 entries!) but we still find it amusing. It’s a one-button-game, so launch the game and push your favorite button, they all do the same thing!

Absurdus - KingCube


Your are LeCube formerly KingCube. The Gods have thrown you in Tartarus for your overwhelming hubris. You got knocked down but you’ll get up again. They’re never going to keep you down! Escape from Tartarus so that you can claim your title back and proudly shout : “I’m the king of the cube!”

Yet so full of rage and ambition might you be, you’re still only a cube. You’ve got no legs to run and jump no mouth to eat mushrooms and no hands to throw fireballs. So what can you do? Powered by your infinite self-love you can produce small replicas of yourself out of your own pure volition. When appearing beneath you these temporary cubonculi can push you forward to victory!

By timing with THE button the apparition of the cubonculi and exploiting the natural and physical variations in orientation of LeCube, it is possible to navigate around any obstacle. You’ll be amazed at how efficient you can become with some training at navigating this inept being!


(KingCube isn’t very optimized, so it might not work on older computers or cheap laptops)