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Museum Mayhem (2018)

A pedagogical experiment… making a VR game with 26 students in the context of an introduction to the Unity engine class using 3D scans from the British Museum.

An original idea by Hazel Thexton

Project management, instruction, technical and artistic direction: Jonathan Lessard

Contributions by (in alphabetical order):

Julie Babineau
Andres-Felipe Cisneros Galdamez
Felipe Dangond
Benjamin Delorme
Charles-Antoine Doucet
Anthony Dupont
Emmanuelle Forgues
Jack Johan True Vandersloot Harrison
Michael Hemingway
Victor Ivanov
Kevin Lam
Vito Lapolla
Travis Mercredi
Geoff Merson
Steven Moore-Vountas
Massimo Nuzzi
Corinne Leigh Ouimet-Bernardo
Elizabeth Parent
Michael Petitclerc
Eliane Robinson
Charlotte Rothsching
Yasmine Roy
Michelle Samson
Sabrina Shipanock
Alessia Signorino
Codrin Tablan Negrei